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As many as one-third of American adults have bunions today. If you have a painful bunion, skilled podiatrist Dr. Jaret Walker, DPM, can help you. Dr. Jaret Walker offers a comprehensive array of bunion treatment solutions at Advanced Foot & Ankle in Denton, Texas. Call the office or request an appointment online today.  

What are bunions?


Bunions occur where the two bones in the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint meet. When bunions form, these two bones start drifting apart, creating a sideways “V” shape at the bottom of your big toe, pushing out to the side.  It basically looks like a bump protruding from the inside of your forefoot.


Similarly, bunions can also appear at the bottom of the little toe (tailor’s bunions). 

What kind of symptoms do bunions cause?


Along with changing the appearance of the foot, bunions also cause some significant physical issues, including: 

  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Redness


Bunions may alter the shape of your foot so much that you can’t fit into your regular shoes anymore. Some people with bunions can’t fit comfortably into any shoes with enclosed toes. 

What causes bunions?


According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, the root cause of bunions is abnormal force affecting the joints and tendons in the feet. Specifically, years of pressure over the MTP joint. 


Many factors can contribute to MTP joint problems, including inherited foot type, foot injuries, arthritis, a short Achilles tendon, limited ankle range of motion, and neuromuscular diseases. Further, the way you walk, your shoes, and other controllable factors might contribute to bunion development.

How are bunions treated?


Bunion treatment approaches depend on bunion severity and your symptoms. If you have a mild bunion and no serious symptoms, Dr. Jaret Walker will recommend a very conservative approach. 


If you have a moderate to severe painful bunion, conservative treatments will still be attempted, and if they fail to resolve your symptoms, surgery can be done as the last resort. Dr. Jaret Walker may recommend bunion surgery to restore the position of the MTP joint and other bones in your foot, thereby eliminating the bunion and preventing its regrowth. There are hundreds of bunion surgeries that can be performed, but the most common ones are the Austin bunionectomy and the Lapidus bunionectomy.  Dr. Jaret Walker will exam your foot and X-rays to determine which surgery is right for you.


Surgeries are usually performed at Medical City Day Surgery Center, with occasional procedures at Medical City Denton Hospital.  


To learn more about how you can get relief from bunion pain, call Advanced Foot & Ankle in Denton, Texas or request an appointment online today. 

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